Wait! Your dental pain remediation is minutes away. Avoid long waits and save money with our virtual TeleDentist!
TELE-DENTALNOW® offers exclusive Board of Licensed dental specialists have many years of training and experience practicing dentistry. Our virtual dental specialist are available 24/7 to diagnose critical oral/dental issues all day, every day in order to treat our patients and alleviate them from any pain. These dental specialists have been trained and are prepared to convey “Tele-Dental” virtual video consultations and interface with the patient’s live from a laptop, tablet or advanced mobile phone. They analyze and diagnose the current dental issue in less than 10 minutes and get patients started on remediation immediately. Once diagnosis has taken place, the doctor will personally call your pharmacy and write an e-script for an antibiotic and/or non-narcotic pain medication. Dentist will then schedule a follow-up if required. If follow-up is needed, next-day appointments are booked with one of our appropriate fitting dental specialist, strategically located close to the patient residence. On the same day virtual visit, dentist will provide a “limited oral evaluation” and all patients can address all other dental inquiries while providing the patient guidance with their oral care.

Tele-DentalNow will perform a Limited Oral Health Exam, including:
* Limited Intra/Extra Oral health assessment
* Caries susceptibility assessment
* Fluoride varnish program
* Consultation on extra/intra on oral lesions, mouth sores, swelling and/or infections (prescribing medication if indicated)
* Advise on broken, sensitive, or misaligned teeth
* Prescribe necessary remedies and medications to alleviate pain
* Provide advice as to whether a patient problem is medical or dental
Our consulting dentists can:
* Exam and help w/ patient oral health goals
* Conduct follow-up consultation after virtual appointment if needed
* Discuss questions about a “limited”proposed treatment plan
Talk about your regular dental questions, for example:
* Why is my tooth sensitive to cold?
* Is this tooth alignment okay?
* Do I need braces or Invisalign?
* Why is this tooth dark than the others?
* Why do my gums bleed when I brush my teeth?